Practice Areas

Woodruff Family Law Group in Greensboro, North Carolina offers a broad range of valuable family law legal services to a diverse array of individuals. Our family law and divorce attorneys have both the experience and the commitment to assist our clients in dealing with the many issues that arise in this type of field. Our perspective is client-focused at all times, a necessity when dealing with family law and divorce issues. At the end of the day, no matter what the underlying issues are, the wants and needs of the person we represent are the most crucial aspects of the case.

Having an attorney who understands that the individual is the expert in their case is critical, especially in a domestic matter. You are uniquely familiar with the details of your circumstance, whereas your attorney will have second-hand knowledge. Recognizing that level of in-depth knowledge and familiarity is vital, particularly in the practice areas listed below.

Concentrating exclusively on family law, our experienced divorce attorneys can handle a wide variety of issues, as seen in the extended list below of our practice areas and services that we provide while keeping in mind the personal nature of those matters. We know that many people consulting with a family law attorney or a divorce attorney are having a difficult time emotionally, and this is taken into consideration while handling the case. Family law is unlike other types of law in this respect. Therefore, you need an attorney with experience in the area to competently handle your case.

Listed below is a sample of the many legal services that we offer here at Woodruff Family Law Group. If you are interested in knowing more about any of these services, for example, absolute divorce or equitable distribution, select the area you are interested in learning more about to access more information. Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding any legal family concern you may have. Our experienced family law and divorce attorneys here at Woodruff Family Law Group have the knowledge and the compassion to handle just about any family law case or issue.