Alienation and Other Civil Actions

Our experienced family law and divorce attorneys here at Woodruff Family Law Group also provide services that are indirectly related to a divorce. These actions may also be related to children. Guilford County attorneys practicing in family law or divorce deal with many issues that do not directly deal with filing for a divorce. The implications and issues that arise with divorce are far-reaching and broad. This is where an experienced family law attorney at your side is most helpful, especially in navigating the collateral consequences of a divorce.

Some important issues that tend to come up when dealing with a divorce are potential claims for alienation of affection and criminal conversation. These are both civil claims that you can pursue against a third party for destroying the loving relationship between you and your spouse, through willful actions that occurred during your marriage, prior to your separation. These are not claims filed against your spouse, only against the third party involved. An attorney can help you evaluate whether you have such a claim.

A few other issues associated with divorce include electronic media issues, fraud and hidden assets, and invasion of privacy. These are all important issues that have become much more significant as society has become more technologically advanced and focused on social media. Electronic media issues typically arise when one spouse or ex-spouse puts negative posts on a social media site or sends an angry text message. These issues are difficult to control, but can be avoided by keeping a calm head.

The issues of fraud and hidden assets, as well as invasion of privacy, concerns actions by your estranged spouse or ex-spouse that negatively impact you and your rights. Fraud and hidden assets, as you can likely tell by its name, deals with the situation when your estranged spouse or ex-spouse is hiding assets or lying about the assets they do disclose. Obviously, this is especially important when it comes time to divide your property or to collect child support. It is difficult to do either of these things when one party is not fully disclosing their assets.

Invasion of privacy, for example, can occur when your ex-spouse places a GPS tracker on your vehicle or accesses your email without your permission. These actions not only violate your right to privacy, but also can negatively affect your case. It is important to speak to an attorney if you have reason to believe that your estranged spouse or ex-spouse is doing anything that you feel invades your privacy.

As demonstrated above, our experienced attorneys here at Woodruff Family Law Group offer numerous services dealing with issues that fall under the umbrella of alienation and other civil actions. If you are interested in learning more about any of these issues, select the appropriate link below for more information.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation regarding any of these issues, or a variety of other family legal services. Our competent family law and divorce attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist you.

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